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Is the CELTA Online purely done online?

No, it’s an Online/Blended course which means that you must do your teaching practice at the centre.  The rest of the course is done via an online platform.

You’ll need to be available to come to the centre (either Lisbon or Braga) one morning a week, over +- 12-14 weeks.  During the week, you’ll also spend time working through input online and will need to prepare lesson plans and work on assignments.

Is the CELTA Online the same qualification as the CELTA face-to-face?

The short answer is yes.  The CELTA Certificate you’ll get is exactly the same as with any other CELTA course.    The requirements are exactly the same and it prepares you to teach the same type of learners as all other CELTA courses.

What are the advantages of taking the course online?

The chief appeal of the CELTA Online course is that you only need to be available for part of each week for the teaching practice component.  The rest of the course is done in your own time.  For example, one participant might do the online component for the week in one sitting, while another, might prefer to do it in short bursts throughout the week.  However, everyone would need to be at the centre, at the same time, each week.

This format enables candidates to continue working, studying or looking after children, etc.  Some people also prefer the more leisurely approach of a part-time course, with more time to reflect and prepare.

An additional advantage of the CELTA Online is that as the language teaching world increasingly moves into offering more and more options for learners online, you will have had some experience of doing this yourself.  It is not uncommon nowadays for a reasonable number of our CELTA candidates to already have had experience of online English teaching or to be planning to go into this field.  Taking a course yourself through this format, can only help you with your own online teaching.

Want to find out more?  https://www.ihlisbon.org/teacher-training/celta/

Author – Paula de Nagy

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