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These are three questions I’m often asked when I do CELTA interviews

Will doing the CELTA in Lisbon help me to get a job in Portugal?

It will certainly help.  First of all, you will become familiar with Portuguese learners and their linguistic needs and preferences.  This means that when you go into your first teaching job, you already know about some of the pronunciation, grammatical and lexical issues that make English both easy and difficult for Portuguese learners.  As a rule, Portuguese speakers have good pronunciation in English but they do have problems with certain sounds, e.g. /ð/.  Grammatically, it is not uncommon to hear someone say I explained him.  Lexically, they often struggle with false friends such as library, assuming it means bookshop.

What sort of classes does the Cambridge CELTA Certificate prepare you to teach?

The CELTA prepares you for teaching General English to adults in groups in language schools around the world.  Many people, however, end up teaching other kind of learners, e.g. younger learners, teenagers, business  or exam classes, one-ot-one students, etc.  On the course, we will provide you with some input on a range of these classes as a taster for what you might like to explore in the future.

Is Lisbon the best place for me to take CELTA?

We would like to think that it’s definitely a very attractive option.  You will benefit from being trained by highly experienced trainers who have worked with the Cambridge CELTA programme for many years.

Most of our trainers have worked in Portugal for some time.  They are familiar with the country and the ELT community here and will be able to give you some sound advice on what to look for when applying for a job.  You will also benefit from their experience of other countries and working within the IH World Organisation – they will be able to give you some useful tips if you choose to work elsewhere.

Lastly, Lisbon is currently one of the top-rated destinations in Europe – what are you waiting for?


Here’s a link to an interesting article about how highly regarded CELTA is: https://www.cambridgeenglish.org/news/view/three-quarters-of-elt-jobs-ask-for-cambridge-celta/

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Author – Paula de Nagy

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