3 Questions About … in ELT

What’s this blog about?

This blog deals with the BIG and the small questions in ELT.  Each article answers three questions on various topics: teaching approaches, activities, challenges, Cambridge Assessment exams for students, ELT management, CELTA and DELTA courses, marketing, web design …

What does it consist of?

There are regular posts – 3 questions about … in ELT.  We’ll also sometimes have additional questions: 3 more questions about … in ELT.  There will be occasional articles by guest writers, and lesson plans and materials which are free to copy.  We’ll also have a news section where we’ll post information about upcoming ELT conferences and other events.


Teacher Training

Young Learners

Who’s behind it?

The contributors work for International House in Torres Vedras and Lisbon.  Some of us have been involved in ELT for over 35 years, others of us are starting out.

Contributors are:

Paula de Nagy

Xana de Nagy YL Advisor at IHWO

Diana England Director of Studies

Monica Green Director

Caroline Fonseca Assistant Director of Studies

Alex Costa

Dina Godinho Business Development Manager