bespoke / tailor made courses

We have the experience and resources to develop bespoke teacher training courses to meet your or your school’s needs. As our trainers are recognised “formadores qualificados”, this also means that we run courses for APPI and official state training centres (Centros de Formação).

If you would like more information, please get in touch using the contact form below. We can then find a time and place to meet up and discuss your specific needs.


  • "Of all the teacher training sessions I have attended throughout the past years, those hosted by International House have undoubtedly made a relevant impact on my teaching practices. The goals set are always clear and achievable, the sessions are impeccably planned, creative material and effective resources are used and the teacher trainers easily create an engaging environment. Moreover, these sessions are always an excellent opportunity to refresh my language skills and to challenge my teaching routines."

    Júlio Ribeiro - 49 anos Docente do Centro de Formação das Escolas de Torres Vedras e Lourinhã
  • "Training sessions by International House provided reinforcement, new ideas that are applicable on your teaching. Besides improving my English skills, they helped me carry out my workload in a more effective and practical way."  

    Maria Dolores Dias – 63 anos Docente do Centro de Formação das Escolas de Torres Vedras e Lourinhã

Seminar titles for State School Teachers

  • A Practical Exploration of the Metaphor of Scaffolding in our Students’ Learning

  • Content and Culture

  • Developing Listening Skills

  • Developing Speaking and Spoken Interaction with B1 level Students

  • Do you Practice what you Preach? Exploring Teachers’ Beliefs

  • Exploiting Photos from Bored Panda

  • Funny you Should Ask That! – making sure teachers use questions to good effect

  • Getting to Grips with Graphic Organisers

  • Integrating Phonology in our Day-to-Day Teaching

  • Lifting Grammar Presentations off the Page

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